Exclusive design

Unique jewelry made of silver with gilding to order

Welcome to the world of high art and beauty, where every product is a masterpiece of art. Our jewelers and designers are ready to turn your dreams into reality, creating unique and unique jewelry that will emphasize your individuality and taste.

Rhodium plating

Rhodium plating of silver jewelry is a process of coating their surface with rhodium, which provides resistance to scratches, prevents oxidation and preserves shine. Rhodium also helps make jewelry hypoallergenic and adds value.

Creating your dreams

Our jewelers develop the concept of each product, taking into account your wishes and preferences. We use computer modeling to bring your idea to perfection. The absolute quality and purity of 925 silver becomes the canvas for your future jewelry.

Examples of our works to order

Our workshop has already successfully completed a number of extraordinary and exciting projects for our clients from the business world. Here are just a few illustrations of our achievements that impressed and left a deep impression

Individual packaging and delivery

Each product is packed in a stylish gift box. We cooperate with various delivery services so that your jewelry reaches you with maximum comfort and speed.

Product marking

All our products are marked with the inscription "925", ensuring authenticity and high quality. We do everything to make our products beautiful, high-quality and bring real joy.

Development and innovation

Our designers and jewelers are constantly studying the market and new fashion trends to provide you with current and creative designs. We are always one step ahead, mastering new technologies such as white rhodium, as well as working on black rhodium and gold.

Let's create a piece of jewelry together that will not only be a symbol of luxury, but also an embodiment of your uniqueness and style. Welcome to the world of Stato D'oro, where your dream becomes a reality.

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